NASA Watching Potentially Destructive Sunspot

02/22/2013 21:50

Scientists are monitoring a spot on the sun large enough to swallow six planets the size of Earth. reported that NASA cameras captured the sunspot as it grew to massive proportions over the last two days.

Sunspots form as magnetic shields that shift on the surface of the sun. They have the potential for throwing off bursts of radiation in the form of solar flares, which can disrupt spacecraft, satellites, GPS, airplane flights, and power grids when they collide with Earth's gravity field.
Dr. Avi Schnurr told CBN News that the impact could be catastrophic.

"Without the electric grid, well of course, there's no power," Schnurr said. "There's also no water; there's also no communications, no transportation, no medical care; the financial system would be down; the environmental effects would be catastrophic at a level that we've never seen before."

Scientists monitoring the sunspot say it has the potential to throw off flares large enough to cause a solar storm. CBN

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