Nasrallah: 'Next time, we'll begin with attack on Tel Aviv'

10/22/2011 10:08

JP:  Should Israel enter into another war with Lebanon, Hezbollah will start by attacking Tel Aviv and not north of the country, Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah threatened on Friday, according to Lebanese newspaper Al Akhbar.

The Hezbollah strongman also addressed recent reports of foreign agents operating within the Lebanese terror organization. In a meeting with Hezbollah leaders, Nasrallah admitted that information passed to the CIA and Mossad by three of Hezbollah's members hurt the organization.

However, Hezbollah will be able to recover from the incident, he asserted, saying that the organization has the courage necessary to fix mistakes.

A month ago Hezbollah detained four of its own members on charges of spying for Israel while a fifth fled, the London-based daily Asharq Alawsat reported.

Quoting “well-informed Lebanese sources,” the paper said the fifth operative had gone missing amid suspicions he too had collaborated with Israel. The operative, named only as M.S., disappeared from his home in southern Beirut last week. Little is known about him other than that he is said to have testified in the UN Special Tribunal on the assassination of former Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri.

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