Oklahoma Man Beheads Coworker, FBI Investigating Links to Islam

09/26/2014 19:25

The Oklahoma man suspected of beheading a woman and stabbing another at a food-distribution center he was fired from had attempted to convert employees to Islam, according to the suspect’s former coworkers.

Alton Nolen reportedly attacked a woman on Thursday afternoon at the Vaughn Foods in Moore, Okla., stabbing her and eventually cutting off her head. He also stabbed another woman, who is currently in stable condition.

Employees told police that Nolen, who had just been let go by the company, had recently converted to Islam and had tried to convince his coworkers to convert as well. FBI officials are currently investigating whether his conversion was part of his motive.

Nolen’s rampage ended after he was shot by an employee on the scene, who is also an off-duty reserve county deputy. “It could have gotten a lot worse,” Moore police sergeant Jeremy Lewis told a local station. NR

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