One Thousand Earthquakes in One Month in Iceland

01/15/2013 07:44

The sensors of the Icelandic Met Office picked up more than 1,000 earthquakes in December, which is less seismic activity compared to the three months prior, although it is at a similar level as in August.

From the website of the Icelandic Met Office. The red rings indicate the location of the earthquakes above magnitude 0. The country's volcanic systems are also shown.

The series that began in Eyjafjarðaráll off North Iceland on October 21, causing considerably strong earthquakes in Siglufjörður, among other locations, is subsiding, reports.

In December, 400 earthquakes were picked up in the area, two of which could be felt in Siglufjörður. The former hit on December 4 and had a magnitude of 2.9 and the second the following day and measured 3.1 in strength.

Two earthquakes of 3.3 magnitude hit last month, one by Kistufell in Vatnajökull glacier and the other at Reykjaneshryggur, an ocean ridge off Reykjanes peninsula.  IcelandReview

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