Pakistani Believers Defy Islamic Rule for Christ

07/11/2011 20:40

Charisma:  Christians working in remote Pakistani communities are facing extreme pressure, according to a Voice of the Martyrs Canada report.

A believer was handing out gospel literature when a group of Muslims threatened him to try to get him to stop. In another city, Christians who work in an evangelist's office are now under investigation, and authorities are watching their mail.

The notorious blasphemy law also comes into play, imposing the death penalty on anyone who defames Mohammed, and life in prison for anyone who defiles the Quran. Many Pakistani Christians have been falsely accused under this law.

Against this backdrop, Mawii Pudaite with Bibles For The World says, "In recent months, we have been getting telephone calls and emails with urgent requests for gospels, New Testaments and Bibles in Urdu language for the people in the country of Pakistan."

A partner, Pastor Sahid, has been receiving Urdu Bibles from India and distributing them among families who lost everything in the 2010 floods. He's been begging for more Scripture because people have been open to Christ.

Pudaite says they're beginning to raise the funds to help. To save money on shipping and import costs, they'll print within Pakistan. "We can print and distribute the gospel at 25 cents a copy. The total cost for 50,000 copies will be $12,500," he says. "The great benefit is that there's Pastor Sahid and his team of evangelists who are on the ground to do the follow-up and lead individuals and families to Christ."

Although there is great risk involved in this project, "The believers there have to be very careful. Despite the many obstacles and persecution the church is going through, the church continues to grow."

Pudaite says they're moving forward, confident in the results of the project. "We have God's promise that His Word will not return void, or without result. It will produce fruit that will abide. Lives will be transformed for the glory of God."

BFTW is hoping to raise the funds as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can pray, give or go. "Pray for revival, spiritual leadership, for the country of Pakistan and unity among believers."

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