Prophecy Dude's Report Delivered by Email?

08/03/2012 12:37

I believe we are entering into a season of rapidly increasing end time prophetic events. In order to serve our readers better and in an effort to increase readership, we are considering setting up an email list service. This service will deliver to your email inbox the Prophecy Dude Report and any other important notices. This will only be the Report that comes out 1-4 times a month, not the daily news updates. Our list will not be available for resell, we are antis-pam and anti-junk mail. We don't appreciate that stuff so we know you don't either.

Currently, when we post blog updates, we notify via Twitter and Facebook--that won't change. Email delivery is just another option to receive important notifications of signs pointing to the end times. It will also allow our readers to easily forward to friends and family. We are in perilous times and we have to help people realize this so they can prepare their lives.

We want to gauge the interest level in an email list service. Please respond to the following quick survey:


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