Prophetic Expansion for Israel and the Church

11/19/2011 10:48

It seems as if over the last few weeks, the prophetic clock has started ticking faster. Right now we have a three-ringed circus taking place. There are three separate events in formation that will eventually collide together and from that collision will walk out the Antichrist.  All three of these are in the arena right now, two are in heated formation, and the third is about to escalate. The reformation of the European Union, the trail of Iran towards its Persian persona, and expansion in Israel are the three rings in the arena.

European Union—The Prophet Daniel  (Daniel  2:40-43) prophesied that the Antichrist will rise out of the revived Roman Empire and the European Union (EU) is fulfilling this both legislatively and geographically. The changes taking place now in the EU are forced by a fear of economic collapse. Where before there was a many-year hesitancy preventing the EU to take these final steps, this fear has now accelerated the process that will result in an empire of less democracy and more authoritarian rule.  All ripened for the advent of the Antichrist.

Iran—Events taking place around Iran are at an infancy stage yet, but rapid development is soon to take place. Right now, the world is focused on Iran’s nuclear growth, but behind the curtain the nation with the controls, Russia, is busy moving levers.  There is already an affinity between the two and this will eventually lead to fulfillment of Ezekiel’s prophecy that states Russia will lead a coalition composed of Persia and other Arab states in a failed attack against Israel. I won’t be surprised if as Iran reinvents itself it takes back the ancient name of Persia.

Israel—Expansion keeps popping up for Israel. Israel is trying to expand Jerusalem and even its territory and this is always met with international alarm—even from the United States.  I believe we will see more expansion with Israel—in fact, in studying the pre-Ezekiel war horizon, it looks as if Israel will have experienced expansion before that war takes place and Psalm 83 and Isaiah 17 have description that indicates expansion of Israel.

I believe that God has a symbiotic relationship established between Israel and the church. So if anyone wondered if I believed in replacement theology I just managed to shoot that one down! I believe what happens physically to Israel is manifested spiritually with the church. As Israel expands its physical territory, the church will expand in spiritual territory as it gains more of the kingdom of God. As Israel reaches its fullness in territory, the church will reach its fullness resulting in the last great awakening and direct fulfillment of Joel’s prophecy

The following is a teaching from Bill Johnson, a leader of today’s revivalist movement. As you read it, relate it to my discussion:

One of the warriors of old made this statement: "The purpose of war is victory, and the purpose of victory is occupation." In the Kingdom, we add one more step to the process: The purpose of occupation is expansion.

The Lord would not give the Promised Land to Israel all at once because they did not have the ability to occupy all of the territory. By only giving them the amount of land they could occupy, He positioned them for expansion. Expansion is vital to advancing the Kingdom of Heaven. The man who was given the one talent and buried it simply occupied and protected that accomplishment but suffered tremendously because he did not take what he had and position it for increase (Matthew 25:15-28).

It's important that we view life with the perspective of expansion and forward motion. When we think this way, we are positioning ourselves for increase and promotion. It's not healthy to simply find a place you want to stay in and occupy. The moment you have found a leveling-off place is the moment you begin backsliding.

When your passion begins to decline, you already start to die. You were born to burn. Elisha came to the king and said, "Please strike the ground with these arrows." And he struck the ground three times. The prophet became furious at the king and said, "If only you had struck the ground five or six times you would have annihilated the enemy, but now you're only going to have three temporary victories." Because the king did not live out of passion, he couldn't carry the anointing that God wanted to give him, and it cost the nation. When leaders don't have passion, it costs everyone who follows.

Passion and the anointing run in parallel courses. A person with passion will take risks. Everything you want in the realm of the Kingdom is found through this veil of difficulty by stepping into the realm of inconvenience. You don't get it by coasting on yesterday's breakthrough. You were born for expansion.

Israel is attempting to expand according to these recent articles:

When I see these movements toward expansion, I rejoice because I know a spiritual expansion for the church will follow. It’s up to me to keep myself positioned and ready to respond to these expansions in the Kingdom of God.  We have exciting times ahead, but we have to be alert, ready to move, and we must keep the passion burning.



Topic: Prophetic Expansion for Israel and the Church

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