Putin to Netanyahu: Russian arms in Syria not a threat to Israel

09/21/2015 19:11

"We know that the Syrian army and Syria as a whole are in no condition to open a second front; they need to save their own state," Putin later said in remarks broadcast on Russian television.

He acknowledged, though, that it was important Hezbollah be denied additional weapons.

Netanyahu, in public comments after his meeting with Putin, said Iran and Syria have given weapons to Hezbollah, which has fired "thousands" of rockets at Israel.

"Iran, under the auspices of the Syrian army, is attempting to build a second terrorist front against us from the Golan Heights," Netanyahu said.

Russia has been providing military aid to the Assad regime, including the construction of a Russian military base. Netanyahu seeks a guarantee that any Russian military equipment in Syria, including possible fighter planes and missiles, will not be used by Hezbollah to target Israel.

"All actions taken by Russia in the region have always been and will be very responsible," Putin said. UPI

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