Quake damages more than 46,000 buildings

03/14/2011 22:07

NHK World

he Japanese government estimates that more than 46,000 homes and buildings were damaged by the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit northeastern Japan on Friday.

The government says about 5,700 of the structures collapsed in the quake or were washed away by the tsunami.

They include 3,056 structures in Iwate Prefecture, 2,413 in Fukushima, 86 in Miyagi, 80 in Ibaraki, 38 in Yamagata, 15 in Tochigi, 14 in Chiba, 3 in Tokyo, and one each in Kanagawa and Akita.

The National Police Agency says the quake also caused damage to roads and bridges in at least 600 locations.
Roads were damaged at 582 locations in 11 prefectures, and bridges at 32 locations in Tokyo and 3 other prefectures.

A breakwater was washed away in Miyagi Prefecture. Railroads were damaged at 7 locations in 2 prefectures.

The quake also caused landslides at 66 locations in 7 prefectures.

Monday, March 14, 2011 06:30 +0900 (JST)


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