Salman Rushdie Explains The Islamist Threat

01/04/2011 20:48

From Creeping Sharia

One of the things that liberal opinion in the West doesn’t understand is that there actually is an enemy. There actually is an enemy that means us harm. And they’re not just going to go away if you’re nice to them.

But it’s also important to remember that that enemy is also an enemy of people in Muslim countries. As I say, the people most oppressed by the Pakistani based Kashmiri radicals are the people of Kashmir, who are Muslim. The people oppressed by the Taliban are Muslims in Afghanistan. Today in Iraq the people who are being killed by Muslims are other Muslims.

There is a common enemy that is as inimical to Muslims as well as to the West. The fact is that it certainly exists. It’s not a pipe dream. You don’t have to be a right-winger to think this…

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