Sanitizing Christianity from the US Military

05/03/2013 22:00

Why is the US government purging Christianity from its military?

Perhaps it goes deeper—maybe the object of the exercise is to purge Christians from the military. Here are some recent news items that prove this is happening:


There seems to be a fast track on what seems to be a purposeful agenda with intentional steps and processes. Imagine a mighty military that didn’t believe in God. What can a person unshackled by belief in God and His holy word do? Think about the Kermit Gosnell. He is a man definitely walking a path without God and look at what his unrestrained imagination was able to do.


It would be a cleaver ploy to not only teach others to despise Christianity, but it would be diabolical to turn it in such a way that Christians became the enemy—even terrorists. Christians are considered intolerant, and frankly, they are in the way of freedom of expression and the rights of humans to be themselves in the manner that they believe befits them.


Although Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, originally implemented by President Clinton to manage gays in the military, is gone now, perhaps now it will be applied to Christians in the military. The Pentagon has crowned itself with the authority to court martial soldiers who share their faith—Don’t Tell.


The table is completely turned. Athletic idols who come out of the closet are praised even by the US President, yet a real missionary hero can remain imprisoned for serving God in an intolerant country and nary a word is spoken about him. Could that happen in the USA?


I ask again, “Why is the US government purging Christianity from its military?”


Diocletian might be an historical pattern that is in the process of repeating itself in the US. Diocletian was one of the worst Christian persecutors in history. He first purged the army of Christians and then used his sanitized army to persecute Christians.


You need a loyal army to control a nation.


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