Scientology cult increasingly active on social network

05/30/2013 06:45

Not only with stalls in the cities, but also in social networking sites touting the controversial Scientology organization to members. The constitutional protection in Baden-Wuerttemberg warns is often difficult to identify who is behind the websites.

"Social networks are playing an increasingly important role to attract members," says Hoffmann Hard Rain from the State Office for the Protection of the Constitution. In the first virtual network links could be established without having to disclose the same. In Germany could be more than 100 websites or Scientology affiliated organizations attribute.

About subsidiary organizations such as "Youth for Human Rights" or "Say no to drugs, say yes to life" should young people be bound. "That with which the young people are lured at first glance, innocuous topics. As you would expect at first glance, nothing bad behind it." Says Hoffmann. The advertising is deliberately tailored to the younger generation without a will initially aware of who they go out.

Scientologists are strongly represented in Baden-Württemberg

Scientology calls itself a church. By its critics, but the organization is viewed as a sect. Also, the authorities classify Scientology as a dangerous organization. "You spied enemies and watching them. Scientology operates against certain opponents subtle psychological terror and uses the Internet as the pillory," says Hoffmann.

Of about a dozen nationwide Scientology-based organizations, half located in Baden-Württemberg. In the southwest there are around 900 members of the Protection of the Constitution continues. The priorities of the organization are reported to the Middle Neckar region with Stuttgart, Göppingen and Kirchheim / Teck, and the rooms Ulm and Karlsruhe.  SWR

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