Scripture in Heart Languages is Causing Revival Wherever It’s Heard

07/27/2010 20:01

From Free Christian Press

International (MNN) ― After hearing God’s Word in their own language for the first time, millions of people are coming to Christ around the world, despite protests by Hindu, Buddhist and Muslim radicals.

Faith Comes By Hearing is making this possible by recording dramatized New Testaments on Proclaimers, digital and solar devices that make scripture easily accessible to anyone, no matter how remote their village is.

Morgan Jackson, president of Faith Comes By Hearing, describes people’s reactions as they enter villages and share Christ for the first time, “What happens is when people have never heard God’s Word in their own language, people are in shock. They gather the whole community. You push the button and it’s like … all sound disappears.”

After they have listened for a few moments, there are generally two reactions to what they have heard. Some burst out laughing, saying they did not realize God was Ugandan or North Korean or whatever nationality they are. Others break into tears as they hear the Words of Christ in their own language because they were convinced that God had forgotten about them or refused to speak their language.

Once the initial shock wears off, many make decisions for Christ or are filled with questions which may eventually lead them to a decision. Regardless of whether their decision is then or later, millions are accepting the message.

In India specifically, one church-planter has seen his ministry expand from 19 villages, 11 churches and 1500 listeners to 24 villages, 15 churches and 1900 listeners in just one year.

So far, Faith Comes By Hearing has recorded New Testaments in 460 languages, and translators start a new language about every two days. Also, they have around 500,000 listening groups worldwide, which offer discussions and discipleship for new believers and interested seekers.

However, they do not want to stop there. Jackson said, “Our long-term objective by 2016 is to record every language that has a New Testament translation and to start two million Faith Comes By Hearing listening groups.”

The number of languages with current New Testament translations is about 2,000, so Faith Comes By Hearing has a long road ahead.

And because of the revivals these translations are stirring up, they are not met without opposition, “Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists are rising up violently to oppose this, so our teams are in danger,” Jackson. One of their partners has seen 11 of their leaders killed.

However, Faith Comes By Hearing and their translators continue cautiously, yet not discouraged. But as they continue boldly, they need your help. It takes just $157 to reach a whole community with the hope of Christ in their native language, or $1.57 for one person.

Help out today by visiting or calling (800)545-6552. Published by permission of Mission Network News.

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