Second Falash Mura flight arrives in Israel

01/18/2011 07:01

From Jerusalem Post

350 Ethiopians claiming Jewish ancestry land at Ben-Gurion Airport in past 2 days after gov’t approves aliya of last 7,846 Falash Mura.

 Some 175 Ethiopians who claim Jewish ancestry reportedly arrived in Israel early Tuesday morning and reunited with their families.

Their arrival followed the aliya of another group of 175 Ethiopians who landed at Ben-Gurion Airport a day before, AFP reported quoting a Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI) spokesman.

The Ethiopian immigrants will be brought to the JAFI's absorption centers across the country to help them settle in.

While responsibility for bringing the remaining would-be immigrants in Ethiopia to Israel has recently been transferred to JAFI, the current flights were organized as part of the previous agreement.

JAFI said on Sunday it expects to take responsibility of the Falash Mura compounds in Ethiopia in two weeks’ time.

Previous Israeli governments have approved the immigration of around 11,000 Falash Mura, with those arriving Monday and Tuesday the last members of a group of 3,000 who received authorization to come to Israel two years ago.

Around 100,000 Ethiopian Jews currently live in Israel, according to AFP.

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