Self-proclaimed Messiah in Brazil boasts hundreds of - mostly female followers worldwide

01/08/2014 22:33

Inri - which is a Latin acronym that in English means

A 66-year-old Brazilian man, calling himself Inri Cristo has spent 35 years preaching the word of God as he believes he is the reincarnation of Jesus. Boasting of "hundreds of followers" from around the world, some of whom live with him at his "church" compound outside Brasilia. He has traveled to 27 countries to spread his word. For his efforts, he has been expelled from the U.S., Britain and Venezuela.

Most of the Cristo's disciples who live at his church. Most of them are women, who have followed Inri for decades. The oldest is 86 years old, and has followed him for 32 years. His youngest disciple is 24 years old. She first met Inri when she was only two years old.

His chosen name of Inri, which derives from the Latin acronym is said to have been written on the cross during Jesus' crucifixion. The anagram stands for Iesus Nazarenus, Rex Iudaeorum, or in English: Jesus the Nazarene, King of the Jews and Cristo, meaning Christ.

His distinctive outfits, including his unorthodox views on capitalism, abortion and even Christmas has seen him detained by police more than 40 times.

"I know that there are countless people scattered throughout Brazil and the world whose hearts beat together with mine," Cristo says.

Seeing himself as Jesus reborn, Inri refuses to celebrate Christmas saying it is just a day where "the rich humiliate the poor.

"It is a day when the little sons of the rich can show the gifts they received while the poor children only get a crumb," he said. "So it is a very sad day for anyone who sees things with the eyes that I see."

His first reported "revelation" that he was Christ during a religious fast in Santiago, Chile, in 1979.

Since childhood he had been following a powerful voice that "speaks in his head" but it was only on this occasion that it told him: "I am your Father. The God of Abraham, of Isaac, and of Jacob."

Maintaining his own church, the 'Soust' (Suprema Ordem Universal da Santmssima Trindade), the compound is located on a lush farmland outside of Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, which he calls the "New Jerusalem."

He and his followers live on homegrown fruit like bananas, avocados and mangoes as well as a vegetable garden. There's also a chapel where Inri speaks to his followers every Saturday morning and a kennel for the dogs that guard the complex.

He is mindful of those who rush to judge him: "I can be crazy but not dumb," he says. "Madness is different from dementia. It is the mother of philosophers, prophets and inventors.

"My mission is to prepare the elect, the survivors of the inevitable nuclear hecatomb that will culminate in the end of this chaotic world, for the formation of the new earthly society, which will strive to fulfill the Creator's will."  Catholic.orgWhen not giving sermons and tending to his flock at his Soust church, Inri Cristo likes to get aroun

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