Southern Baptists encourage boys to leave Boy Scouts

06/12/2013 20:33

The Southern Baptist Convention approved a resolution Wednesday that encourages Baptists to leave the Boy Scouts of America.

The resolution submitted to the convention did not sever the denomination's ties to the Boy Scouts, the Los Angeles Times reported. But it called for the ouster of scout leaders who supported an end to the organization's ban on gay scouts and support for scouts who decide to leave, along with encouragement for former scouts to join Baptist youth groups.

The Rev. Wes Taylor said he was "disappointed" in scouting.

"They are moving away from the principles that it was founded upon," he said. "This is an attempt to open the door to broaden the acceptance of homosexuality in that organization. It is an environment that would prove just fertile for young boys to be exposed to something that is ungodly and unacceptable."

Rev. Charlie Dale of Indian Springs First Baptist Church in Indian Springs, Ala., argued against the resolution, saying the Scouts oppose all sexual activity for boys and teenagers. He also said Baptist youth groups do not ban homosexuals.

"I don't think we should hold the Boy Scouts to a standard we would not put on our own churches. Such a boy needs our love so let's bring him in and show him what real biblical love is all about," Dale said. UPI

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