Studying the laws of the Red Heifer: Getting Ready For The Future!

04/04/2016 21:04

Last week, in anticipation of Shabbat Parashat Para (the annual pre-Passover Shabbat reading of Deuteronomy 19:1-22, in which the ordinance of the Red Heifer is set forth in detail by Torah,) the Temple Institute publicly announced that it is creating a registry of kohanim - descendants of the priestly tribe of Aaron - whose status of Biblical purity enables them to attend to the preparation of the Red Heifer.

The announcement inaugurated the second stage of the Temple Institute's monumental project to restore Biblical purity (tahara) to the world, with the initiation of a historic registration of qualified kohanim. The first stage, which commenced last summer, began the initial stage for the creation of a herd of red angus cattle in Israel, capable of producing Red Heifer candidates.

Last week's announcement was met with tremendous excitement by kohanim around the world, who began submitting their names and relevant information, and by non-kohanim who are anxiously awaiting the renewal of Biblical purity in the world, a prerequisite for the full renewal of the Divine service in the Holy Temple.

Among those who are heeding this call, is the Jerusalem based Kollel (Torah academy) Dorshei Tzion, which has taken upon itself the challenge of learning the laws of the Red Heifer in depth. Leaving their study hall, these Torah scholars are pursuing a hands-on course of study, focusing on the practical application of the laws of the Red Heifer, and not simply on a theoretical understanding.

In order to acquire an in-depth understanding and appreciation of the required characteristics which make a potential red heifer into a true Red Heifer, thus fulfilling all the Torah requirements, these scholars are familiarizing themselves up-close with the details cattle and aspects of animal husbandry.

The scholars have also visited what is believed to be the precise location of the 'Mount of Anointment,' a spot due east of the entrance to the Holy Temple Sanctuary, situated on the Mount of Olives, where the process of producing the ashes of the red heifer is required to take place.

How gratifying that the Temple Institute's bold steps toward the renewal of the long-dormant ordinance of the Red Heifer are inspiring others to take it upon themselves to be at the forefront of the great spiritual revolution taking place in the Land of Israel, as the nation of Israel moves closer each day toward the rebuilding of the Holy Temple and the renewal of the Divine service. FaceBook

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