The Abortion President

05/02/2014 21:11

Barack Obama June photos

Dr. James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family, called Obama the abortion president at a National Day of Prayer event.



Will Dr. Dobson be vilified as most others are who take a stand against the extremely liberal Obama agenda?

Perhaps President Obama will be proud of the abortion distinction. Why WOULDN’T anyone call Obama the abortion president?


President Obama, you are the abortion president. You wear that distinction, and appear to wear it proudly. You are blinded by the darkness that fills you.  Your ears are deafened by the shouting culture of death. Your mouth mutters the message of Molech.

Even as strongly as the kingdom of darkness has rallied its troops, the message of life and truth prevail. During the abortion president’s term, abortion has dropped tremendously.



Mr. Abortion-President, you fail Molech.

Thank God.



Image credit: Pete Souza/White House photo


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