The Coming Information Collapse

06/21/2014 20:37

The amount of information that is exchanged today compared to a few years ago is staggering.


WHEN the Sloan Digital Sky Survey started work in 2000, its telescope in New Mexico collected more data in its first few weeks than had been amassed in the entire history of astronomy. Now, a decade later, its archive contains a whopping 140 terabytes of information. A successor, the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope, due to come on stream in Chile in 2016, will acquire that quantity of data every five days.


Such astronomical amounts of information can be found closer to Earth too. Wal-Mart, a retail giant, handles more than 1m customer transactions every hour, feeding databases estimated at more than 2.5 petabytes—the equivalent of 167 times the books in America's Library of Congress. Facebook, a social-networking website, is home to 40 billion photos. And decoding the human genome involves analysing 3 billion base pairs—which took ten years the first time it was done, in 2003, but can now be achieved in one week.  The Economist


Computerworld says that data will grow 50 times in the next decade.


This is a sign of the end times that Daniel the prophet predicted.


“But you, Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book until the time of the end; many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase.” Daniel 12:4

But, there is a problem.


…the information about and from a process will grow faster than the process itself. Productivity generates excess information, and so as we progress, information will grow faster than whatever else is being produced.  The Technium


Computerworld also states that the amount of information is becoming overwhelming, there isn’t enough IT professionals to maintain it, and growth in that profession severely lags the growth in information.


The study also notes that data security will continue to be a key issue for IT managers. Computerworld


Data breaches signal information collapse.


Information is Beautiful provides a slick visual of data breaches over the years. It’s very obvious that each progressive year, breaches are more staggering. Humanity is running to an information collapse.


The technology to manage this staggering mass of information generated by the split second fails and is leading to collapse. There is fear.


Where we are now pushing information out from us into clouds, the fear of collapse will inspire the opposite—an urge to draw data closer to ourselves; much like a woman clinging to her purse in unfamiliar territory. The key to personal information is hung where others can find it. In order to preserve private information, the key has to be hidden.


We are treading our way to a fourth-dimension of sorts for protecting information. But humanity is getting close to ushering in a solution.  They are getting close.



An information collapse will be the mother for a new information management system. The Beast system.





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