This is what the grocery store would look like in a world without bees

06/16/2013 08:28

Whole Foods Market University Heights' produce department with and without items dependent on pollinator populations. (©PRNewsFoto/Whole Foods Market)

Bees aren't exactly having the best couple of years. With many colonies mysteriously collapsing and others not surviving the cold winter, a lot of people are worried about the future of bees and how it would affect our food supply. For most people, it's kind of hard to picture exactly what that means. Well, here's what it means. To raise awareness of the problem, Whole Foods put out this photo of exactly what a world without bees would look like. Most of the fruit, and a good chunk of the vegetables, are just gone. That's more than half the produce section we wouldn't have access to anymore. But the Cheetos are safe, right?  MSN

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