Toronto School Board Encourages Children to Use Vegetables for Sex

09/28/2012 08:11

If you think depraved school boards only exist in the United States, wait until you hear about Toronto, Canada’s. On the Toronto District School Board website there is a section that encourages children to not only experiment with sex toys but also instructs them to use vegetables for orgasmic pleasure.

Under the heading "Coalition for Positive Sexuality," a link titled “Just Say Yes, pro sex” encourages kids to spice things up in the bedroom:

Most of us learn that our bodies, and our sex, are things to be ashamed of. Most of us learn that sex means a man on top of a woman, and that the only other choice is abstinence. But sex can be lots of things... women have sex with women, men have sex with men, women have sex with men — and sometimes the best sex is with yourself! There are lots of safe and fun ways to get off, which you probably won’t learn in school... don’t feel like you have to do everything on this page, but don’t feel like anything is automatically off limits either.

The link continues that a person could “could suck, kiss, touch, bite, fondle, nibble, squeeze and lick someone’s body, nipples, calves, toes, neck” and other areas. In addition, it mentions masturbation in front of the mirror, acting out fantasies and using sex toys.

The capper is this: “Play with your own or someone else’s a** or vagina, put your fingers, dildoes, vegetables, or butt plugs into them.”

Dr. Charles McVety, president of Canada Christian College, wrote Attorney General John Gerretsen:

The TDSB — through its website — is corrupting Ontario’s children with extraordinary explicit instruction. It is the responsibility of the Ontario government to protect our children. According to Section 172 of the Criminal Code of Canada, it is an indictable offence to ‘endanger the morals of the child.’ Teaching our children to sexually experiment (or) ‘play with your own or someone else’s a-- or vagina, put your fingers, dildoes, vegetables or butt plugs into them’ most certainly endangers children. On behalf of our 100,000 members and other like-minded parents, I am calling on you, the Attorney General of Ontario, to commence criminal proceedings against the Toronto District School Board.

The TDSB's “Equitable and Inclusive Schools Students, Parent and Community” webpage lists links to public health, gay and lesbian, transgendered and other sites, including the home page of the Coalition for Positive Sexuality (

The horrifying attempts by Western societies to rob children of their innocence have now reached fever pitch. Just as empire after empire was historically corrupted by libertine behavior, the breakdown of the family unit, and the resultant damaged children, the West is facing a spiritual battle for its very soul. Breibart

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