'Transgenderism' up in public schools

10/20/2010 21:49

From OneNewsNow:

As public schools already face challenges in teaching reading, writing and arithmetic, intense pressure from the radical homosexual agenda is forcing schools to deal with a number of issues never before presented.

 According to Candi Cushman, education analyst for CitizenLink, the sexual chaos and confusion occurring in society is finding its way into the classroom. For instance, some school administrators are spending more time accommodating cross-dressing and transgender students.

"They are facing demands for boys to be able to use girls' restrooms [and for] girls to be able to use boys' locker rooms," she reports. "We're seeing these cases involving, for example, a girl wanting to run as prom king. It's a very difficult situation out there on all fronts for school officials."

The education analyst is concerned that pro-homosexual groups purposely want to trump parents' authority by forcing the transgender message into the schools.

"It is a radical redefinition of what it means to be male and female; it's basically a deconstruction of the meaning of God created gender -- male and female," Cushman laments.

She reminds Christians of their responsibility to share Christ's compassion with everyone, including students who struggle with gender-identity. But at the same time, parents also have the right to speak out because they should be in control of how, when and if their children are exposed to controversial sexual topics.

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