Trove of government UFO files now available online

01/20/2015 21:43

The U.S. Air Force has released 130,000 declassified UFO documents which is now available online for public perusal.

The release comes after the dodged pursuit from extra-terrestrial enthusiast John Greenwald. For 20 years, he submitted numerous Freedom of Information Act requests to get the files from the government known as Project Blue Book.

"There's absolutely something out there," Greenwald told ABC News. "The big question mark is: 'Have they come here?'"

Greenwald organized and posted the documents in an online database known as The Black Vault, where users can search by year or keyword.

The documents contain information about reported sightings and blurry photographs.

Greenwald believes the documents prove there is a government coverup of extra-terrestrial activity on the planet. UPI



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