UFO Sightings: First China and NYC, Now Texas, Va.

10/21/2010 19:25

From AOL News

(Oct. 20) -- If visitors from another world have come to Earth, they are certainly taking in a lot of sights.

First, UFOs were spotted in China, causing several airport closures. Then, last week, "they" moved over Manhattan. Now, we have reports of a nighttime display in El Paso, Texas, and Richmond, Va.

Coincidence? Connection? Misidentifications of not-so-unusual objects?

It's sometimes difficult to keep it all straight as people continue to see and photograph things in the sky that come under the heading -- at least temporarily -- of unidentified.

So far, no official explanation has been offered for the numerous UFO sightings in China. Officials have tried to determine whether the strange lights posed any threat to the airports that halted service briefly or to planes scheduled to land and take off.

To date, military aircraft or missile tests have been mostly blamed for the sightings.

Last week, unusual high-flying objects were spotted over the Chelsea area of Manhattan. The silvery-colored things escaped both the detection of local airport radar as well as partygoers in northern Westchester County who claimed the UFOs were balloons, intended for an event honoring a teacher's engagement and that accidentally flew away.

And then, over the weekend, strange lights appeared in the sky over El Paso. Video of the incident clearly depicts a bright object in the night sky that breaks into three separate things that continue to head to the ground.

According to a news report on El Paso's KTSM-TV, there was an eerie triangular pattern similarity between the New York and Texas encounters. But true "X-Files" believers had the wind knocked out of their alien sails when it was revealed that a weekend air show in El Paso featured a nighttime parachute display by a group called the Golden Knights.

It seemed the most logical conclusion. Thanks Joe @10virgin for the tweet on this.




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