US-Born Yemeni Preacher: World Needs More Muslim Terror

11/09/2010 19:20

From Israel National News

Radical Muslim preacher Anwar Al-Awlaki, a native of the United States, released a video this week chastising Muslim clerics who he said are doing too little to encourage terrorism. “Just speaking on the podium is not enough,” he said.

“Either we support the mujahideen [terrorists] and win everything, or we let them down and lose everything,” he said. Attacks should focus on non-Muslim forces, he added, particularly American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and on Israel.

Alwaki issued his rebuke in a 23-minute video posted on Islamist websites Monday. He also used the time to condemn America, Israel, and Iran, all of which he accused of seeking control in Yemen.

The United States has linked Alwaki to Al-Qaeda. However, in recent videos he has not mentioned the international terrorist group. He is thought to be in Yemen. Both Yemen and the U.S. have put him on their list of wanted terrorists, and on Saturday Yemeni officials issued an order for his capture dead or alive.

Al-Qaeda has announced plans to create an army in Yemen, and is gathering power. Shiite militants are active in the country's north.

An Al-Qaeda bombing plot that began in Yemen was foiled in late October. The U.S. and Britain have since banned all cargo from Yemen.

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