Volcanoes Confuse Global Warming Scientists

02/24/2014 21:54


At a time when global warming is purported to be a “settled” science, it seems particularly odd that volcanoes are now presumed to be the cause of “the pause.” A recent study, published by climatescience.com, seems to indicate that global warming scientists are confused about what Volcanoes pump into the atmosphere. Evidently, the same CO2, water vapors and sulfides known as “greenhouse gases” when they are generated by man, are responsible for cooling the atmosphere, when generated by a volcano.

Consequently, the almost 19 year “pause” in measurable global warming can now safely be attributed to, oddly enough, volcanic activity. According to these poor confused global warming scientists, at any rate. Volcanoes seem to be an unlikely scapegoat, given the kinds of gases they put out, but beggars cannot be choosers. The complete lack of measurable rise in global temperatures, despite the past two decades being record breakers for human use of hydrocarbons for fuel, have sent global warming scientists down some of the most fascinating rabbit trails.

The world’s oceans, for instance, were said to have been “absorbing all of the excess heat.” Charts and graphs and detailed scientific journals were written, specifically in support of that “fact.” However, now that volcanoes are responsible for temperatures not rising whatsoever, are people supposed to completely disbelieve the “oceans” theory? Obviously, both sets of global warming scientists cannot be right at the same time: Either the oceans were absorbing excess heat, or there was no excess heat for them to absorb. How volcanoes can confuse global warming scientists, may itself remain a mystery for decades to come.  



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