War of Hormuz Is Days, Maybe Hours Away

09/20/2012 07:22

We all know that another Mideast war is brewing—it doesn’t take a prophet to figure that one out.  It’s been simmering for a boil a long time.

It’s all about Iran getting nuked up. No one wants that, especially Israel.  

Iran also knows this war is coming.

Israel has held off the inevitable for a couple of years with clandestine computer virus attacks.

But now it’s coming to a showdown involving many different nations.

Then the Obama administration drops a bomb, sort of, on Israel by telling Israel, “We’re not there for you.”

A US Congressman told me one time, “Obama hates Israel.” This unprecedented presidential position (please note the cleaver alliteration) is breathtaking! The USA has never had a president who seemed so anti-Semitic or at the very least, anti-Israel.  They thought Jimmy Carter didn’t like Israel. Obama isn’t nearly as subtle about it. This is one of the biggest reasons many think Obama is Muslim. I still don’t believe he is, and 2016 Obama’s America helped settle that for me. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it. It clearly describes where President Obama gets his values and political drive.

I also recommend reading Prophecy Dude’s blog post Fathering Nations . President Obama had no father there for him, so he substituted an over-idealistic image of a man constructed by his mother. That comes out in 2016 Obama’s America.

What is the deal with Russia? Don’t ignore Russia, if for the only reason it’s mentioned as a big leader in the war prophesied by Ezekiel. Every move and every decision Russia fulfills takes it closer to the nation that gathers Arab nations to attack Israel. Russia already seems too protective of Iran.

Why is Russia expanding militarily? Why so close to the United States? Is Putin, along with his cronies, looking to bring back the Russian Empire?

Is the USA vulnerable? Honestly, the USA should not fear Russia, but the God of Abraham, who promised that the nations who blessed Abraham’s Israel would be blessed and those who didn’t would be cursed. The signs point to the fact that the United States is in decline. The United States is stepping out from underneath the umbrella of protection. Leaders of the United States are realizing they are vulnerable. What they don’t realize is this vulnerability results from a turning from the covenant of God. You want to be vulnerable to God and your spouse—not your enemy.

Modern day Iran is Biblical Persia. We know that Persia and Russia will be involved in the war prophesied by Ezekiel. This is the war for which everyone seems to be looking or expecting, but there may be something else that precedes it.

In the Ezekiel account Israel is described as vulnerable. At the time of the attack described by Ezekiel, Israel is described as an un-walled city with lots of land, and at peace. We certainly know that this isn’t the case now especially with all the missiles being lobbed over on Israel seemingly daily. Read Ezekiel 38-39 for yourself and see what you think.

Many prophecy scholars now believe there are some geo-political changes that need to happen before the scene for Ezekiel would fit. That’s why they look at Isaiah 17 and Psalm 83 as possible events that could set the stage and environment for the Ezekiel war. I’ve got three good blog posts listed here that provide lots of good information about this topic that I encourage you to read:

No matter how you look at it, and many bright Bible stars have tried, the United States is not seen clearly in end time prophecy.  A few years ago, it seemed impossible that this great nation, a world leader, would not play a role in end time prophecy. Some great scholarly work was done to contrive a role for the United States. But today, as we see the United States’ path toward decline, the economy very fragile where a slight wind could tumble the tower of cards over, and the tossing aside of what was moral and of good decorum, we quietly bow our heads in somber realization. The United States could be out of the picture in the fast-approaching end times.


What’s happening, the signs that are pointing us, almost screaming at us, are part of the plan for the end of the ages. It may be that President Obama and those like him, are actually more faithful in fulfilling God’s end time plan than we are in our service to Him.


Israel will attack Iran. No prophet needed there. The signs point to that. This War of Hormuz may be the cork in the bottle that releases the power of the last days.


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