We’re in a World of Gender Confusion

12/04/2010 09:56

From CitizenLink:

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I was talking to a friend the other day about the onslaught of stories I’ve been seeing about gender confusion – confusion about what it means to be male or female. Here’s a brief roundup: 

The Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) amends its constitution [1], dropping the requirement that players be “female at birth.” A former male SWAT team member now living as a woman, Lana Lawless [2], had sued the organization in order to play in a tournament.

A group of students [3] from Seattle’s Queer Youth Space travels around to schools, churches, detention centers and counseling groups. Their goal is to reteach gender and sexuality. Here are just a few statements from their 3-minute video:

It’s about being queer. This is reteaching gender and sexuality. Because we all have a gender and a sexuality. I am a boy and a girl. This is about how my identities cannot be summed up in letters. People assume that I’m a boy.

An IRS Tax Court awards [4] the Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders group $250,000 for court costs. The costs were incurred in a case earlier this year, when the IRS ruled that medical expenses for “sexual reassignment surgery” could be deducted from a transgender-identified woman’s income tax filing. The majority in the 11 - 5 decision [5] believed that surgery and hormones were medically necessary to treat Gender Identity Disorder (GID). Men and women with GID believe they were born the wrong sex and often attempt to become the opposite sex.

A female college athlete [6]tells her coach and team that she is a man, because that is how she feels inside. So against all the physical evidence of her body, those around her talk to her as if she were a man. The NCAA begins developing new policies [7] to deal with gender-confused athletes.

The Women’s Sports Foundation and the National Center for Lesbian Rights creates and is promoting a guide for high schools and colleges to deal with “transgendered” students: On The Team [8]: Equal Opportunity for Transgender Student Athletes.

My friend’s response stopped me cold. He asked, “Are you surprised?”

I guess I’m not, really. Humans are made in the image of God [9] – male and female [10]. Satan, our enemy, hates God, and wants to deface God’s likeness wherever he can. We are all sinners, deeply impacted by our own sinfulness and enmity toward God, by the sins of others and by life in a fallen world. Gender confusion is one example of human brokenness.

Thankfully, we are also deeply loved by God, and He works to restore us to relationship with Him. Join me in asking God to move in the hearts of men and women burdened with gender confusion. Pray first that they will come to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Then, that they would accept the physical reality of their bodies and embrace their God-given gender. And pray for those in the church to have hearts of compassion [11]for these lost men and women.

At the same time, God tells us the truth, and we must remain committed to speaking the truth: to the church, to the culture and in the political arena. Individuals are male or female. People can’t “transition” from one to the other. I haven’t seen a third human gender discovered, and humanity is not “multi-gendered.”

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