Zombie bee apocalypse spreads to Pacific Northwest

09/25/2012 06:46

The Apocephalus borealis fly implants its eggs into a honey bee, left, and the larvae emerges from the dead body of a honey bee. (©AP Photo/ Christopher Quock, left, and John Hafernik, San Francisco State University)The zombie bee apocalypse may be nigh. Officials had previously put the word out that certain bees in California and South Dakota are suffering from an affliction that causes them to leave their hives at night and amble around pointlessly before dropping dead. Now an official outbreak has been reported in Washington state. Mark Hohn, a novice beekeeper in Kent, Wash., didn't think much of it when he noticed dead bees littering the ground outside his shop, but now scientists believe it's a sign that the infection is spreading. Don’t worry, humans aren't at risk of joining the undead: The condition is caused by a parasitic fly that apparently has no interest in going after humans. MSN

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