Famines, Pestilence, and Economic Chaos

Why Are Venomous Sea Snakes Washing Up on California Beaches?

01/16/2016 09:49
A beachgoer got quite the slithery surprise when a 20-inch-long (50 centimeters) venomous sea snake washed ashore at Coronado Dog Beach near San Diego Tuesday (Jan. 12). The yellow-bellied sea snake (Pelamis platura) is very uncommon in California, but three (including this latest sighting) have...

World's Lakes At Risk Of Continued Algal Blooms

12/23/2015 18:57
The Earth's lakes may take a devastating hit from climate change, researchers report in a new study. Rapidly warming waters in freshwater bodies, including several Great Lakes and many reservoirs, trigger harmful algae blooms that ultimately threaten freshwater supplies for local...

Why have thousands of trees dropped dead

10/21/2015 19:44
Trees die – that’s a fact of life. But is the death of an entire iconic landscape of Eucalyptus in the Cooma-Monaro region of New South Wales natural? For over a decade, large stands of Eucalyptus viminalis, commonly known as Ribbon Gum or Manna Gum, have been gradually declining in health, and...

Los Angeles declares 'state of emergency' on homelessness

09/22/2015 19:55
The Los Angeles City Council on Tuesday declared a state of emergency on homelessness, calling for $100 million to help address the growing crisis. The move, which was reported in a statement from the office of Mayor Eric Garcetti, was announced the same day the mayor unveiled his plans for moving...

Report indicates nearly 50% decline in marine life between 1970 and 2012

09/17/2015 20:27
A new report from the World Wildlife Fund indicates a nearly 50% decline in marine life populations between 1970 and 2012. The study uses a Living Planet Index based on trends in 5,829 populations of 1,234 mammal, bird, reptile and fish species in the ocean. According to the report, populations of...
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Russia's wheat ban hits Egypt hard

Is oil catastrophe fulfillment of Genesis prophecy?

The following video is suggesting a possible link to the disaster due to America's treatment of and separation from Israel. Hal Lindsey, thinks there's a correlation. The video was produced and posted by Carl Gallups of the Hickory Hammock Baptist Church in Milton, Fla.,

Disappearing Honey Bees Affecting Crops

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