Peace Treaty

Poll: Israelis, Palestinians Back Two-State Deal

01/01/2014 09:29
  RAMALLAH, West Bank — A poll suggests majorities of both Israelis and Palestinians support the establishment of a Palestinian state alongside Israel, but remain suspicious of the other side. The survey was released Wednesday, hours before U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry's return to the...

EU vows 'unprecedented' aid if Israel, Palestinians make peace

12/17/2013 07:21
  The European Union on Monday pledged "unprecedented" levels of support to both Israel and the Palestinians should the two parties reach a final status agreement. Commending US Secretary of State John Kerry for his efforts in launching direct talks between the two, EU foreign ministers said...

Palestinian president hopes to use pen from pope to sign peace treaty

10/27/2013 21:43
VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- Pope Francis gave Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas a fancy pen as a gift, and Abbas told the pope, "I hope to sign the peace agreement with Israel with this pen." Pope Francis responded with his hope that the agreement would be reached "soon, soon." The exchange took place...

Over 50% of Palestinians back peace talks, survey finds

08/07/2013 10:04
More than half of Palestinians support the resumption of peace talks with Israel, according to a public opinion poll published Tuesday. The poll – conducted by Alpha International, an organization that aims to help decision-makers take “effective” decisions – also found that jailed Fatah leader...

PA Official: Talks Likely as Netanyahu Folds on Key Issues

07/18/2013 08:09
A meeting between Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry Thursday in Amman has apparently prompted the PA to agree to enter into talks with Israel, a top PA official said. A report in a PA newspaper said that “the gaps between the two sides have narrowed...

EU Redraws Israel Borders to 1949 Lines

07/16/2013 21:45
The European Union has issued orders forbidding its member states from cooperating, transferring funds, giving scholarships or research grants to bodies in Judea and Samaria, eastern Jerusalem , and even the Golan Heights, Haaretz wrote Tuesday. The new instruction, promulgated by the European...

Report: Netanyahu Ready to Give Up 90% of Judea & Samaria

06/27/2013 22:09
A report in Ha'aretz Thursday quoted top Likud ministers as saying that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is prepared to give up as much as 90% of Judea and Samaria in a deal with the Palestinian Authority. If Netanyahu is satisfied that Israel's security needs are accounted for, the report quoted...

Peace and safety, then sudden destruction

10/22/2011 08:51
For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction comes on them, as travail on a woman with child; and they shall not escape. 1 Thessalonians 5:3  

Ashton's secret ME diplomacy upsets EU states

06/23/2011 18:51
EU Observer:  EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS - EU foreign relations chief Catherine Ashton has annoyed some member states by taking part in a secretive meeting about the Middle East peace process. Luxembourg's openly pro-Palestinian foreign minister Jean Asselborn hosted the informal dinner about the...

EU to wait until 'appropriate' to recognize Palestinian state

12/13/2010 19:26
From Haaretz:  Foreign ministers meeting in Brussels worry early declaration as per Palestinian request will harm efforts to resume peace process. By News Agencies The European Union decided Monday not to recognize unilateral declaration of a Palestinian state, as such a move could harm...
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