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Holographic Imagery and the End Times

03/09/2010 21:40
  According to a recent article posted on The Christian Post, holographic technology is entering the church. Holography creates three dimensional video images where we are accustomed to two dimensional images through television and projectors. Many mega-churches with multiple seating...

Epidemic sweeps Syrian army

03/08/2010 21:55
From Ma'an News Agency:  Bethlehem - Ma'an/Agencies - A mysterious epidemic has paralyzed Syria’s army, Israel’s Channel 2 reported Thursday. So far, 14 Syrian soldiers have died from the unidentified disease and thousands more have been hospitalized, forcing the army to cancel training...

Shortened Days

03/03/2010 20:41
The earthquake in Chile last Saturday, (2010-02-27) was powerful enough to tilt the earth’s axis according to NASA scientists in a CNN World News article . According to this article, the earth’s axis moved about three inches causing us to lose 1.26 microseconds. This article also states that the...

Chilean Earthquake

02/27/2010 05:40
Greetings! We hadn't planned to launch this website yet, but with today's earthquake in Chile and at this time tsunami warnings, I thought several people would want a little perspective in relating this to the end times. Anytime cataclysmic events like major earthquakes happen, students of God's...

Pope Calls for New Financial Order

07/07/2009 09:08
Bloomberg:  July 7 (Bloomberg) -- Pope Benedict XVI called for a new financial order with “real teeth” as Group of Eight leaders prepare to discuss ways out of the worst recession since World War II. “Profit is useful if it serves as a means toward an end,” he wrote in a letter to Catholic...

Possible features of new world financial order

11/06/2008 09:12
Reuters:  FRANKFURT, Nov 6 (Reuters) - Global leaders are considering a new world financial order in the wake of the financial crisis which is threatening to tip the global economy into recession. European Union leaders meet on Friday in Brussels and Group of 20 central bankers and finance...
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