Unexplained mystery booms rattle nerves in Oklahoma

01/14/2015 20:53
OKLAHOMA - A spate of mysterious booms that has been shaking central Oklahoma returned for a second day Friday, again rattling houses and frightening livestock. Oklahoma Geological Survey research seismologist Austin Holland said a series of booms, much like a sonic boom, rattled the Norman area...

New Look at 'Creeping' San Andreas Fault

01/13/2015 20:39
A small part of the San Andreas Fault that was thought to quietly slide without shaking its neighbors may actually be capable of strong earthquakes, including magnitude-6 shakers, a new study finds. The San Andreas Fault is divided into three legs. The middle leg has long been treated as a benign...

Why have there been so many earthquakes off the coast of B.C.?

01/11/2015 09:18
Over the past month there have been 169 earthquakes of magnitude 2.5 or above off the coast of British Columbia. Is this a sign of the “big one?” “There has been a slight increase in activity,” said Alison Bird, seismologist with Natural Resources Canada. “But from time to time we have swarm...

New Madrid earthquake, still considered the big one

12/17/2014 09:31
Shortly after 2 o'clock on the morning of December 16, 1811, the Mississippi River valley was convulsed by an earthquake so severe that it awakened people in cities as distant as Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Norfolk, Virginia. This shock inaugurated what must have been the most frightening...

Cascadia’s Locked Fault Means Massive Earthquake Is Due in Pacific Northwest

12/17/2014 09:24
The Cascadia fault in the Pacific Northwest is locked up, meaning that a massive megathrust earthquake could occur at any time, seismologists are warning. “It’s impossible to know exactly when the next Cascadia earthquake will occur,” said Evelyn Roeloffs of the U.S. Geological Survey, speaking...

Oklahoma now leads nation in earthquakes

12/04/2014 22:50
Oklahoma has officially passed up California regarding the prevalence of earthquakes, according to Woodward County Emergency Manager Matt Lehenbauer. And they're still happening on an almost weekly basis. A preliminary report posted Wednesday morning on Woodward County's Ready Woodward Emergency...

Some predict big quakes for central U.S. again

11/30/2014 19:13
In the early hours of Dec. 16, 1811, an earthquake struck the area where Missouri, Kentucky, Arkansas and Tennessee come together today. Named for the small town of New Madrid, Mo., the quake was the first of four major quakes that were the largest to hit the United States in modern history. The...

Geologists discover widespread seismic activity

11/30/2014 19:07
Using a 140-station seismic network, geologists with Indiana University have discovered widespread seismic activity along the Ste. Genevieve Seismic Zone, suggesting a greater possibility of earthquakes in the Tri-State. In addition to being near populated areas, the Ste. Genevieve Seismic Zone is...

Giant sinkhole swallows up old mine in Russia's Urals

11/21/2014 07:44
A sinkhole 20 by 30 meters (65 by 98 feet) in size has been found near a Uralkali mine in Russia's Perm region. While the company says the development is of no further threat, locals fear the whole nearby town could go underground. The sinkhole was first discovered by Uralkali's Solikamsk-2 mine...

Gateway to Hell: Sinkholes open across the Earth

11/13/2014 07:34
People visit “The Gateway to Hell,” a huge burning gas crater in the heart of Turkmenistan’s Karakum desert, on May 3, 2014. The fiery pit was the result of a simple miscalculation by Soviet scientists in 1971 after their boring equipment suddenly drilled through into an underground cavern and a...

A swarm of earthquakes buzzes underground in Nevada

11/10/2014 07:24
Hundreds of small earthquakes have rumbled under northwestern Nevada like a seismic drumroll since midsummer, and in recent days, they have built to a crescendo. This does not necessarily mean a big one will come, state seismologists said, but they added that it's good to be prepared, just in...

4 California Faults Are Ready to Rupture

10/14/2014 21:55
With several faults slicing through the San Francisco Bay Area, forecasting the next deadly earthquake becomes a question of when and where, not if. Now researchers propose that four faults have built up enough seismic strain (stored energy) to unleash destructive earthquakes, according to a study...
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We aren't promised to know the exact day or time for when the end will come, but just as we know the signs for seasonal changes, we can "read" certain signs that help us to know that we are entering the season for the rapture of the church, the tribulation, and His return to earth. In Jesus' discourse about the endtimes in Matthew 24, one of those signs are earthquakes. For some of Prophecy Dude's teaching on earthquakes, go to the "Tags" section on the News and Tweets page and click on earthquakes. There you will find a list of blogs that treat that subject.

On this page you will find updated feeds on earthquakes over the previous seven days with magnitudes of 5 and greater. A map feed is also provided to assist with identifying the location of these earthquakes. The picture below illustrates the concentration of earthquakes along fault lines and continental plate borders. Often Volcanoes are associated with tectonic plates especially in areas where they "rub' one another.

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