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Google Wallet turns phones into credit cards

05/29/2011 21:23
Christian Science Monitor:  On Thursday, at a press event in New York, Google unveiled a new mobile payments system called Google Wallet, which will let users swipe their handsets the same way they swipe their credit cards. Details are still coming in, but it appears Google Wallet will launch...

Web App Shows iPhone Tracking Your Every Move

04/21/2011 22:45
Fastocodesign: Conspiracy theorists, start your engines! A computer hacker has discovered a crazy little facet of of the iPhone and iPad's programming: As soon as they're activated, they track every cellphone tower they've ever connected to. In other words, it essentially keeps a log of everywhere...

USA's Salt Lake City goes wallet-free with Isis

04/17/2011 21:07
The Register:  Operator consortium Isis has selected Salt Lake City as its flagship deployment to show the rest of the USA what NFC can do for them. The plan will see Salt Lake City's public transport system accepting pay-by-wave from a mobile phone by the middle of next year. Retailers...

Wells Fargo Tests Microchip Credit Card

04/14/2011 15:23
Bloomberg:  Wells Fargo & Co. (WFC), the U.S. bank with the most branches, is testing microchip-embedded credit cards with frequent travelers to address complaints of customers who have trouble using their cards abroad. The pilot program announced today marks the first effort by a major...

US House Panel Examines Status Of Biometric IDs For Pilots, Others

04/14/2011 15:19
Aviation News:  The House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee met Thursday to examine the failure to date of TSA and FAA to develop functional biometric capabilities for commercial pilot licenses. The oversight and investigations hearing also examined other issues relating to...

EU should forge ahead with electronic ID

04/13/2011 21:50
EU Observer:  EUOBSERVER / DIGITAL AGENDA - Estonians reckon that if the internet had a hometown, it would be located somewhere within the borders of their electronically advanced Baltic state. Estonia made the headlines in 2000, an e-lifetime ago, when it introduced a 'paperless government'....

Dining has no qualms with palm scans

04/10/2011 18:38
The Main Campus:  University of Maine Dining Services is testing a program for entry to its facilities that could replace the use of MaineCards with a “hands-on” experience for students with meal plans. Over the next month, Dining Services will be testing a pilot program that uses a scan of...

NBC News Predicts Everyone Microchipped by 2017

03/29/2011 19:59
In the name of health care and security...

Healthcare industry’s first multi-biometric patient identification system

03/29/2011 19:47
Yahoo News:  The Industry’s First Multi-Biometric Patient Identification System to Eliminate Patient Fraud and Lower Healthcare Costs Atlanta, GA (Vocus/PRWEB) March 23, 2011 Patient fraud within healthcare environments has finally met its maker. Drawing upon its proven track record of...

Smart IDs for Biometric Data

03/10/2011 20:19
VJ:  The two-year smart ID card pilot project will get underway within six months. Hundreds of thousands of smart IDs, which will make it possible to receive government services from home, will be issued. The condition for receiving a smart ID card is to provide a finger print and facial...
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