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A Rabbi, a Sheik and the Pope Head to the Holy Land

05/22/2014 07:19
With a rabbi and a Muslim sheik as his travel companions, Pope Francis is heading to the Middle East with what he hopes will be a powerful message of interfaith respect. It will be the first time that leaders of other faiths are part of an official papal delegation. The aim is to send "an...

Pope faces uphill struggle to unite Christians

05/19/2014 07:19
Pope Francis heads to the Middle East on Saturday on a trip partly aimed at uniting Christians but his goodwill gestures are unlikely to resolve centuries-old differences and modern-day headaches. The logo the Vatican has designed for the visit depicts an embrace between St Peter and St Andrew --...

Pope Francis Will Take Rabbi, Muslim Leader With Him to Holy Land

05/16/2014 20:44
Pope Francis will be accompanied on his first visit to the Middle East by Argentine Rabbi Abraham Skorka and Muslim leader Omar Abboud—two friends from Buenos Aires. It is the first time a pope has made an official visit accompanied by members of other faiths, and it underscores the interfaith...

Handing Over David's Tomb Rewrites History in Israel

05/01/2014 08:12
Deputy Transport Minister Tzipi Hotovely (Likud) sent an urgent letter to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu Wednesday, demanding that he prevent the rumored transfer of David's Tomb to Catholic hands. Hotovely's letter surfaces following reports of an agreement between Israel and the Vatican which...

Alarm Over Reported Deal with Vatican for David's Tomb

04/21/2014 21:57
Is there a secret deal between the Vatican and Israel to transfer control over King David's Tomb to the Catholic church? An investigative report in Makor Rishon cites La Stampa Vatican Insider journalist Andrea Tornielli as saying that the deal has been nearly completed, and that Deputy Foreign...

U.S. Roman Catholic Church And Protestant Denominations Agree To Recognize Each Other's Baptisms

10/30/2013 09:18
In a monumental occasion for ecumenical relations, the U.S. Roman Catholic church and a group of Protestant denominations plan to sign a document on Tuesday evening to formally agree to recognize each other's baptisms. Catholic leaders will join representatives from the Presbyterian Church...

A wolf in Pope's clothing?

10/08/2013 20:32
Let's be honest, Pope Benedict was a public relations nightmare for the Catholic Church. His aptitude for saying the worst thing at the worst moment made Prince Philip look like a smooth operator. So Catholics and religious apologists have been jumping for joy at recent sympathetic words from Pope...

As reform talks start, Pope vows to change Vatican mentality

10/02/2013 16:34
Pope Francis began landmark meetings on Tuesday to reform the Vatican, promising to do all he could to change the mentality of an institution he said was too focused on its own interests. Francis and eight cardinals from around the world are holding three days of closed-door meetings to discuss the...

Pope Francis to Rewrite Catholic Apostolic Constitution in 'Unprecedented' Move

10/01/2013 11:45
Pope Francis and eight hand-picked cardinals are set to rewrite the Apostolic Constitution Pastor Bonus of the Roman Catholic Church in what some are calling an "unprecedented" move as they hold a three-day meeting this week. The seven cardinals representing the Church on different continents,...

Controversial New ‘Religion That Embraces All Religions’

07/15/2013 19:43
If you’re a part of a specific denomination or religious sect, Living Interfaith Church of Lynnwood is probably unlike anything you’ve seen before. The house of worship, based in Lynnwood, Washington, is run by the Rev. Steven Greenebaum, 65, and, as per its name, the church offers an “interfaith”...
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