The Rapture

Yearning for Jesus: Rapture Timing

02/03/2012 18:59
Christ in Prophecy:  Timing of the Rapture Dr. Reagan: The Bible really makes it very clear that the Rapture is an event separate and apart from the Second Coming because one is a Bridegroom coming for His Bride in love, and the other is a warrior returning to pour out the wrath of God....

Harold Camping Repents for Rapture Prophecies

10/31/2011 19:20
Charisma:  A humbled Harold Camping has finally repented. The so-called doomsday prophet who thrice predicted the end of the world has admitted that only God knows the day and the hour of Christ’s return. The 90-year-old also said he was wrong to indicate that God stopped saving people...

Could the rapture happen at the Feast of Trumpets?

07/29/2011 18:23
This is a very interesting presentation. Could September 2011 be a significant month as it relates to Bible Prophecy?

New Rapture Billboard

05/24/2011 05:40

Are We Living in the Last Days?

05/21/2011 11:55
CP:   I believe that Jesus Christ is coming back again. In my understanding of Bible prophecy and what theologians call eschatology, the next event on the prophetic calendar is the Rapture of the church. That is the event where Christ Himself will call all true believers to join Him...

Services offer post-Rapture care for pets left behind

05/11/2011 21:30
MSN:  When my beloved Tankie died, a friend gave me a copy of "Dog Heaven," a sweet children's book. The drawings of happy dogs romping in an afterlife were comforting, even though I didn't buy the concept.   But what if the book is wrong? What if there's not a life...

Atheists Mock Rapture Prediction as 'Nonsense'

04/25/2011 22:22
CP:  Jesus is returning next month, according to one controversial group, and atheists are ready for it. They're throwing a "rapture party." While Christian radio broadcaster Harold Camping tries to warn the world that the rapture – where Christians will rise and join Jesus – will happen...

Harold Camping: Date-Setting Madness

03/10/2011 09:33
Lamb and Lion Ministries:   By Dr. David R. Reagan Lamb & Lion Ministries Harold Camping (age 88) is at it again! Back in 1992 he published a book titled 1994? in which he set the date for the Lord's return for September 6, 1994. [1] Now, in his latest book, Time Has An End, he has set...

Poll: What Evangelical Leaders Believe about the End Times

03/10/2011 08:06
Christian Post:  A majority of evangelical leaders believe that Jesus Christ will return to earth and then reign with his followers for 1,000 years, a new survey shows. This end times theology is called premillennialism and 65 percent of surveyed evangelical leaders identify with it. As...

Did many people disappear?

03/04/2011 17:13
This is a great video targeting those left behind. Can you imagine being left behind? 
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Your Future in the Rapture

From Christ In Prophecy

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That Was Awkward

Perry Stone Explains the Rapture


The Rapture: To Be or Not To Be


UFOs and Extraterrestrials

Extraterrestrial Exposé: Vatican to Reveal Its Best-Kept Alien Secrets Soon?

12/14/2016 10:52
These days, the existence of extraterrestrial life, more popularly known as aliens, is no longer dismissed as a farfetched notion. With eagled-eye alien hunters spotting UFO after UFO in every NASA-released photograph and experts neither confirming nor denying its...

Did UFOs Disarm Nuclear Weapons? And If So, Why?

09/06/2016 19:04
At an unusual press conference recently held in Washington, D.C., a UFO author and a half-dozen or so former U.S. military airmen asserted that "The U.S. Air Force is lying about the national security implications of unidentified aerial objects at nuclear bases and we can prove it." They claim...

Trove of government UFO files now available online

01/20/2015 21:43
The U.S. Air Force has released 130,000 declassified UFO documents which is now available online for public perusal. The release comes after the dodged pursuit from extra-terrestrial enthusiast John Greenwald. For 20 years, he submitted numerous Freedom of Information Act requests to get the files...

Mystery ‘craft’ appears to watch astronauts on International Space Station

10/23/2014 07:12
This intriguing footage captured by NASA shows a ‘UFO’ hovering near the International Space Station as two astronauts conduct a spacewalk. In the five-minute clip, posted to YouTube, NASA astronaut Reid Wiseman and Alexander Gerst, from the European Space Agency, are seen on the spacewalk. The...

Joplin, Missouri UFO size of football field – list of credible witnesses continues to grow

10/09/2014 20:12
Although there is no photographic or video evidence available for the July 8, 2014 sighting of a football field-sized UFO in Joplin, Missouri, the list of independent witnesses who have sighted the huge UFO in the area continues to grow. Thus far a retired policeman, retired airline pilot, health...

UFO mystery as plane passenger films flying saucer

09/19/2014 18:29
The unnamed passenger filmed the hovering lights - which appear to be in a saucer-shaped formation - as his flight from Greece approached Cardiff, Wales An aeroplane passenger claims to have captured genuine UFO evidence on camera. The man was returning from a holiday in Greece when he spotted a...

UFO Sighted On Surface Of Rosetta Comet

09/19/2014 17:47
A UFO has been sighted on the surface of Comet 67P Churyumov Gerasimenko by the Rosetta spacecraft. The craft, which is currently tailing the comet (and has just announced its landing point), was able to take a high-resolution image which then revealed a metallic-looking object. Conspiracy...

Double UFO Sightings on Same Day Baffles Florida Residents

09/19/2014 17:20
Two Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) were spotted at two separate locations in Florida on 15 September. While one sighting was at Fort Lauderdale in the morning, the other was almost exactly 12 hours later at Ponce Inlet. According to one case of sighting registered with Mutual UFO Network...

UFO spotted hovering over Melbourne for more than an hour

09/01/2014 20:36
An object with flashing red, green and blue lights was spotted hovering over Melbourne’s southeast last night as residents reported they had never seen anything quite like it. The light sat still over Carnegie for more than an hour. “It’s really weird,” Toni Koromilas said, taking a video of...

UFO spotted in B.C. forest fire news report

08/19/2014 21:25
 Monday, August 18, 2014, 8:00 PM - A July 17 news report on the B.C. fires has gone viral, thanks to a UFO that makes an appearance at the 37-second mark. At this point in the video clip a spherical object can be seen moving across the sky, vanishing seconds later. The object has yet to be...
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Chuck Missler- Rapture - The Restrainer - False Prophet

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